Rich had been working in the television industry since the earliest days in New York before moving to Hollywood to work on filmed TV. Over the years he worked with the major studios, won awards, make big bucks, bought fancy cars, houses and married his college, sweetie. Rich had everything going for him and a few things like indulging too much in booze and the ladies. One day his wife has enough and takes Rich to the cleaners.

Pulling himself up by his bootstraps Rich, along with his partner Mike, eventually, opens a production company and over the years they run dozens of TV shows, win major awards and build a small empire from the ground up. Along comes Cassie, who takes up with Rich, much to the dismay of his partner. She moves in with Rich. Goes everywhere with him, including production and studio meetings. He showers her with gifts, takes her to Hawaii and starts to neglect work at the studio. His partner Mike begins to fear that Cassie is out to bring their empire to ruin by taking advantage of Rich and his weakness for booze and the ladies...

Suggested for mature audiences as this material is Rated R for strong language, drug and alcohol use along with considerable sexual content.

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